Stalių Gaminiai pass their PAS 24 with Wintech

Stalių Gaminiai have been in business since 1974, as the first window and door manufacturer in Lithuania. We are honored that they chose to test their product at our laboratory!


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Changes at Wintech

We’re pleased to announce the change of role of Mark Swanborough from Certification Manager to our new Associate Director of Certification. Mark has worked for Wintech for six years and has been an invaluable member of the team.

Mark has been highly influential in the creation of our new Certification department and has continued to develop the department in his role as an innovator and manager. His hard work has ensured the ongoing success of our certification scheme, and we wish him the best of luck in his new role!

PAS 24:2016 – Why You Need To Get Compliant Now to Win SBD Work

In recent weeks, Secured by Design announced that as of October 1st 2018, they will only be accepting PAS 24:2016 on all new developments. This has given 2 and a half years for the test houses and certification bodies to update from the 2012 standard and attain their UKAS accreditation, and for manufacturers to be tested to the standard.

Customer Stalių Gaminiai having their door tested to PAS 24:2016 with manual attack

Product from Wintech customer Stalių Gaminiai being tested to PAS 24:2016 by a Wintech Testing engineer.

Wintech were the first testing house to be accredited to the latest PAS 24 Standard, back in September 2016. The standard is intended to demonstrate that doors and windows can prevent burglaries by casual and opportunistic thieves, and our test engineers are skilled at replicating the attacks which are common in most burglary attempts.

All Wintech members are now certified to PAS 24:2016, so if you’re looking for a reliable test house and certification body to help you update to the latest standards , give us a call today on 01952 586580, email or open up a Live Chat.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification with Wintech

Wintech provide UKAS accredited third party certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS), to organisations specialising in the fabrication and design of Windows, Doors, Curtain Walling and Rainscreen systems.

ISO 9001 certification can be key to establishing working relationships with new customers and organisations by demonstrating your commitment to quality control and continuous improvement.
If you are currently certified you can transfer your certification to Wintech and gain the maximum benefit of façade industry experts. We are also here to help those certified to ISO 9001:2008 update to ISO 9001:2015 ahead of the August 2018 deadline.

Wintech also specialise in providing product certification for Curtain Walling & Rainscreen Cladding, and Enhanced Security Performance for windows and doors.

For more information on our WinMark™ schemes contact us on 01952 586580, email us at or open up a Live Chat.


blue winmark logo for iso 9001:2015 , and white ukas management systems logo

Transfer Your Certification in 3 Easy Steps!

Are you looking for a company with a more informative approach to certification? Whether you’re transitioning to the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard, being compliant with NHBC, or getting PAS 24 certified, Wintech Testing & Certification has made the transfer process simple so that companies can switch to its WinMark™ scheme in just three easy steps.

Mark Swanborough, Certification Manager at Wintech explains: “There’s a common misconception about the time and work involved in transferring your certification to another supplier. It seems to be one of those things that often goes under the radar but it can potentially save companies a lot of money.”So we’ve made it easier to transfer with our three step programme.”

All you need to do is:

  1. Apply for and fill in an application form
  2. Provide all available product test data, and copies of your existing scope of certification then;
  3. Wintech will carry out an audit at your fabrication facility.


That’s all that is needed to switch to us, yet it could save you thousands of pounds and a lot of hassle with the benefit of a more personable service.

Wintech can provide UKAS accredited third party certification for Enhanced Security Performance of Windows and Doors, Performance of Curtain Walling and Rainscreen Cladding products and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and our WinMark™ schemes can be used to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document Q, Secured by Design requirements and NHBC Section 6.9.

If you would like more information about WinMark™ certification call us 01952 586580, open up a Live Chat or e-mail Mark at and he can talk you through the process and confirm how easy it is to join or transfer to the WinMark™.

blue winmark and ukas logo for iso 9001 certificationblue winmark and ukas logo for door and window security certificationblue winmark and ukas logo for CWCT certification

Why WinMark™? About our Curtain Wall and Rainscreen Cladding Certification

At Wintech, we are proud of the development of our WinMark™ scheme, which was created to work in compliance with NHBC Standards 2017 Chapter 6.9. Wintech is the first and only company in the UK to offer both CWCT weathertightness testing and certification of Curtain Walling and Rainscreen Cladding products.

We are even prouder to offer this scheme across the UK and Europe, to any organisation specialising in the fabrication of Curtain Walling, Brickslip Cladding and Rainscreen systems. Our WinMark™ scheme also complements the existing services at our test centre, with its established reputation throughout the façade and building envelope sector.

You can find the details of our scheme here.

Read more about our compliance with the NHBC Standard here.

If you would like to enquire about our WinMark™ scheme, then call us today on 01952 586580, email , or open up a Live Chat and talk to one of our customer service agents.

WinMark™ logo navy blue with white text nhbc logo


PAS 24 – What Does It Mean to be Certified?

Here at Wintech, we notice a great many of our customers are still confused by what PAS 24 actually means- all they know is that they need to be certified to meet certain requirements but the standard itself leaves them puzzled.

So what does it mean to be certified to PAS 24?

PAS 24 is a test standard used to assess the security performance of windows and doors. Certification against PAS 24 verifies that a UKAS accredited certification body monitor the performance of these products, and their performance under test.

The certification process involves a test which simulates attacks most often associated with opportunistic burglary. Wintech’s state-of-the-art testing laboratory carries out several of these tests a day, and our skilled technicians ensure you’re informed through every stage of the process.

PAS 24, like most British Standards, is a ‘minimum standard’.  It doesn’t have ‘grades’ or ‘performance’ scores: products submitted either pass or fail.


Which window and door types does PAS 24 apply to?

Any windows and doors with the following methods of opening:

  • Turning
  • Tilting
  • Folding
  • Turn-tilt
  • Top
  • Bottom-hung
  • Sliding
  • Fixed

(The standard is applicable to new window and door sets as manufactured, prior to installation).

What’s the process?

Whilst the standard is quite in depth, the certification process is actually rather simple:

The manufacturer of the door submits their product to us for testing.

  1. Once we’re is satisfied that the windows and/or doors meet the requirements of PAS 24, we carry out on audit of your factory and its manufacturing processes
  2. Once we are satisfied with both areas, the certification is then granted.

Once you’re certified to PAS 24, you can then use your certification to show compliance with Secured by Design requirements.

If you’re interested in being certified to PAS 24 with Wintech, then call us on 01952 586580, or email

ISO 9001:2015 Deadline Approaches

If you’re due to renew your certification to ISO 9001:2015 then you’ll be aware the deadline is September 2018. That doesn’t give you long to update your management system, and we know how stressful it can be to make changes and updates to your business, no matter how small.

Updating isn’t as stressful as you think though, we work with our customers to keep them informed every step of the way to ensure the transition to the new system is seamless.

The old ISO 9001:2008 standard expires in September, and if you’re not updated to the 2015 version of the standard, then your certification will not be valid, so ensure to update your QMS as soon as you can.

If you’d like more information on ISO 9001:2015 certification with Wintech, then call 01952 586580 or email

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On Friday 15th December the Wintech team will be donning their daftest, most wonderful woollies to raise money for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

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Not fussed about the date? Enjoy a discounted rate!

Wintech Testing & Certification have introduced a new testing schedule service for the busy winter months.

From November 1st customers can bring their window or door product samples to the Wintech testing laboratory in Telford, without the need to book a scheduled diary date beforehand. Wintech will then test the product as soon as a space becomes available, which could be as early as the next day if a cancellation occurs.

To thank customers for their patience, Wintech will be offering a 10% discount on PAS 24 and BS 6375 parts 1, 2 & 3 testing undertaken using this service.

So, if you’re not fussed about a specific testing date, why wait? Call us now on 01952 586580 to speak to a member of the team to confirm your order and arrange your delivery.Terms and conditions:
This offer can be used an unlimited amount of times by each company until 31/01/18, but cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer provided by Wintech.
Official quotations must be confirmed and subsequent orders received before any testing can commence.