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  • Why have product certification?

    Independent third party certification allows the manufacturer to prove that the product has been properly scrutinised and tested according to the relevant national and international standards and ensures a consistently high standard of manufacturing.

  • How much does management certification cost?

    The price varies depending on the product types, sizes and the location/s of your organisation which in turn dictates the length and content of the onsite audits. Please feel free to get in touch for an indicative cost.

  • How do I become certified?

    Please click here to download our application form, or get in touch using the contact details below to ask for more information.

  • How many audits are carried out?

    A two stage initial audit is required for organisations that are new to product certification this will then be followed by annual surveillance audits to maintain certification.

  • Can the audit audits be combined with other product certification or management audits?

    Yes, this is a route that is often cheaper and more time effective for organisations. Please get in touch for further information.