Wintech’s dedicated laboratory facilities cater for a variety of window and door configurations, including single, double and bi-fold doors, and vertical sliding, parallel opening and tilt-and-turn windows.

The testing processes we undertake may either be specific to your project or a part of the development cycle of a new product before it can be launched.

Project-driven testing is usually specified by an architect or consultant and aims to ensure that the installed product meets the expected level of performance for its intended use. Typical examples include tests for weathertightness, durability and security.

Product standard testing is a mandatory requirement that requires manufacturers and installers to declare the performance of their products for CE Marking before they can be placed on the market. Our tests will demonstrate that your windows and doors operate in accordance with all necessary British, European and American Standards.

Testing for  security, weathertightness, operation and strength are necessary for window and door products to be awarded a Secured by Design approval, an increasingly common requirement on construction developments.