29 April, 2019

Still in product development? Try indicative testing!

What is Indicative PAS 24 Testing?

Indicative testing allows you to pick and choose which elements of the PAS 24 test we carry out. This allows you to see where your complete window or door product is performing well, or where improvement may be needed before going ahead with the full test. Indicative testing is helpful if you’re still in the R&D phases of your product, to ensure the design specifications meet the performance requirements.

A PAS 24:2016 test is carried out on complete window and door systems. If you manufacture hardware which is installed on windows or doors, then it needs to be installed on a complete window doorset before undergoing testing to the Standard.

The test itself is designed to replicate the attacks most commonly associated with casual and opportunistic burglars and is made up of several elements which reflect the pressures that a casual burglar may face.

The test includes:

  • Security hardware and cylinder test
  • Manipulation test
  • Manual attacks
  • Infill manual test
  • Infill mechanical load test
  • Manual cutting test
  • Mechanical loading test
  • Manual check test
  • Impact testing

Indicative testing can be a cost-effective method. By choosing one or more of the above test elements, you can be confident your product is performing at its best before booking your full PAS 24.

PAS 24 testing for windows and doors is needed for compliance with Approved Document Q of the Building Regulations. If you need to meet the requirements of Secured by Design, you’ll also need your product tested to the PAS 24 Standard, and to join a third-party UKAS Accredited Certification Scheme, such as our WinMark Certification Scheme for the Enhanced Security Performance of Windows & Doors. Certification is also another route to Document Q compliance.

If you’d like to find out more about indicative testing at Wintech, then open up a Live Chat, email sales@wintechtesting.com or call us today on 01952 586580.