16 April, 2019

Timber & Document Q: What you need to know

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It is a requirement for joinery companies supplying windows and doors to the domestic new build market to meet the requirements of Approved Document Q.

What is Approved Document Q?

Approved Document Q aims to prevent home break-ins via lower-level doors and windows. It’s a Standard that doors and windows across England must adhere to when installed on new build properties. Even hardware must adhere to the Document, to ensure the complete door is capable of withstanding physical attacks from burglars.

To comply with Doc Q, all new door and window designs (including timber) must pass various tests and assessments that meet the security requirements of PAS 24:2012 (or other standards that meet or exceed PAS 24:2012, for example PAS 24:2016).

My timber product is bespoke. Does Doc Q still apply?

Even bespoke timber products still have an obligation to meet Part Q even if their window or doorset is a one-off item.

Appendix B of Document Q stipulates the requirements for bespoke doors and windows up to 1m wide and 2m high. If your window or doorset is higher than this, you must seek further guidance. More information on what is considered a bespoke doorset can be found in the Secured by Design New Homes Guide under Section 2b.

Which of my door and window products need to comply?

All easily accessible door sets providing access into a dwelling or building containing a dwelling should comply. This includes patio doors, French doors, bi-fold doors and communal doors. Additionally, interconnecting doors between garages and the property or the garage door itself must meet be tested to PAS 24.

Ground floor, basement and other easily accessible windows (including accessible rooflights) need to comply with Doc Q by undergoing testing in accordance with PAS 24.

What is meant by “accessible”?

An accessible door or window would include:

  • Any part of a doorset or window, which is lower than 2m from an accessible surface. For example the ground, a balcony with access to a doorset or window or basement level.
  • Windows under 2m from a flat or sloping roof (with a pitch of less than 30 degrees) that is lower than 3.5m from ground level.
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