10 April, 2019

Why you should test your products

Why do we product test today?

If you’re responsible for the design, serviceability and safety of your company’s facade product, then you really can’t afford not to test through all stages of the product’s development, from design to installation. Testing ensures your product can not only withstand the drastic environmental changes we’ve been experiencing in the past few years, which are predicted to continue, but also to prove the quality of the installation and to maintain your reputation.

wintech's DC6 aircraft engine carrying out a CWCT wind load test on a curtain walling product

An in depth procedure…

You would send your facade sample and a team of installers to our facility in Telford for testing. Your team installs the sample, and we carry out the required testing. When testing is completed, our team will carry out a controlled dismantle of the sample.

Why our team of testing engineers carry out a controlled dismantle…

Sometimes, a facade product will pass the testing process but upon further inspection, the sample was installed improperly. For example, leaks have been stopped by installers applying expanding foam into cracks and crevices, or using other implements which shouldn’t be used to manipulate the test results. This is why the Wintech team carry out the dismantle of your sample. Our duty is to ensure your product is safe to install on real buildings. Any samples which have been installed improperly to manipulate the test results will fail the testing sequence.

Can you really afford to not test your products? If you’re interested in Wintech’s Facade Testing services, call us on 01952 586580, email sales@wintechtesting.com  or begin a Live Chat.