2 April, 2019

Testing, Certification & Product Credibility

At the end of January, the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) hosted its first ever Fabricators’ Forum. And, despite looming weather conditions – with snow and ice taking hold of the south west – the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre was heating up; especially with the panel discussions that followed each of the five key presentations, which formed the backbone of the event.

One particular topic, that caught the attention of Mark Swanborough Associate Director of Certification at Wintech, was a talk hosted by Dr. Gary Morgan. Addressing issues of testing and certification, Dr. Morgan highlighted the importance of credibility when it comes to certifying products, competency, objectivity, and the potential repercussions of making false claims…

“We treat each of our customers as individuals to fully understand their needs and requirements,” explains Mark. “This puts us in the best position possible to offer the services that they need, whether that is testing, certification or a combination of them both.

“Testing products, particularly new products before they launch, as well as testing during the research and development phase, provides the peace of mind that the design specifications of the window or door product meets the standards surrounding common issues concerning security, weathertightness and operational performance.

“To ensure our customers’ products meet these standards, we offer PAS 24:2016 testing for security, and BS 6375 for operational and weathertightness testing. PAS 24:2016 testing is also required to satisfy Building Regulations Approved Document Q.

“Certification can be key for our customers to demonstrate that their products and processes have been independently assessed to prove their credibility, and the competency of the company’s manufacturing systems as a whole. Not only this, but our UKAS Accredited WinMark Certification Scheme for the Enhanced Security of Windows & Doors opens customers up to tender for the increasing number of developments which now specify third-party certification. Our WinMark scheme is recognised by the police-led Secured by Design initiative, and is another path to Approved Document Q compliance.”

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original article appeared in Clearview Mag