26 March, 2019

Wintech Test at AluK Facilities in Chepstow

Did you know we are also UKAS-accredited to test using our customers’ facilities? This unique service helps to minimize cost and reduce overall timetables, all whilst maintaining the impartiality and international recognition that comes from using a UKAS Accredited laboratory.

Our Window & Door Testing technician, Dan Knight, recently carried out BS 6375 testing for AluK, at their facilities in Chepstow. Leigh Cooper, Academy Facilities Manager at AluK says:

“Dan came to us towards the end of last year for air, water, wind product testing. He was very professional, he gave a clear understanding of the test procedure and the process in which the test would run. We had four separate tests that we had to complete that week and Dan came in early and also finished late to help achieve the deadline date that was set. Dan also assisted me with removing the test sample from our rig and also installing the new one ready for testing the next day.

Dan went above and beyond to ensure that all the tests had been completed in the timescale set, and it was a pleasure to work with him.”


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