27 March, 2014

Wintech on YouTube


With well over 5,000 views of our testing videos online, take a look at our most recent addition to Wintech Engineering’s YouTube channel; Bi-Fold Door Cyclic Testing.

Wintech have modified and extended their cyclic door test rig to cater for the ever-growing demand of testing larger door-sets such as bi-fold and double doors.

The video shows a Bi-fold door supplied by Veka UK tested in accordance with BS EN 1191:2000 Resistance to Repeated Opening and Closing for Windows and Doors. This test forms part of BS EN 6375-2. The primary leaf of the door was subjected to 50,000 cycles and the folding/sliding leaf a further 5,000 cycles.

This particular Bi-Fold Door showed excellent durability and achieved a Pass to Class 4 of EN 12 400.

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